Business Systems Limited is a Value Added Reseller (VAR) for Unisys and Canon readers/scanners. Our packages are designed to run on Unisys & Canon document processing platforms.
Unisys offers a wide range of transport speeds, ranging from 30 documents per minute (DPM) to 1800 DPM.
Canon CR-180 offers 100 to 180 DPM.

Canon CR-180
Canon CR-180
The Canon CR-180 offers OCR/MICR code line read, front & rear image capture, endorsing and sorting. When sorting stubs and cheques in separate pockets, it performs at the rate of 100 to 130 DPM. For non-sorting capture mode, the track can run at the maximum rate of 180 DPM. Canon CR180 is integrated in BSL TRIM package for non-encoding & non-Stamping solutions.
Unisys Smart Source Pro
Unisys SmartSource
The Unisys SmartSource provides most of the features of the larger Unisys Network Document Processors but at a fraction of the cost, the Unisys Source NDP is a compact, desktop document processor designed for capturing front and rear data and images from cheques, giros, and other documents.
Unisys Quantum
Unisys Quantum Series
The Unisys Quantum 200/300/600 Series have proven to be ideal for both centralised and distributed document processing.
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Business System Limited received a Certificate of Achievement from Unisys Payment Systems and was awarded the "Premier Payment Systems Channel Partner" title from Unisys in 2001 - "A mark of 20 years of success".

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