BSL products address following lines of business:
  • Remittance and Cheque Processing
  • Document Imaging, Indexing, Archiving and Retrieval
  • Online Information Management

Remittance and Cheque Processing

Remittance and Cheque Processing applications are developed using a range of Unisys and Canon Reader/Sorter/Scanner hardware from 30 documents per minute to 30 documents per second.
Since 1981, BSL packages have evolved and matured to address the solutions required for Remittance and Cheque processing. This has resulted in very powerful and flexible base packages.

The following functionality is available in all BSL base packages:
  • Parameter driven for most common functions
  • Multiple company/group processing for "lockbox" environments
  • Multiple transport support with any mix of Unisys transports
  • Image and Conventional processing workflow
  • One pass image-based processing workflow
  • Entry from non paper-based transactions
  • Integrated CAR (Courtesy Amount Recognition) processing using Unisys Softcar ™
  • Integrated Barcode extraction
  • A4 remittance scanning and capture integrated with Cheque Processing
  • A powerful inquiry system allowing online access to data and images
  • The creation of output files for data transfer to external systems
  • Common reports used for reconciliation and Banking

Document Imaging, Indexing, Archiving and Retrieval

With experience in handling images, BSL has developed a Correspondence Imaging Solution allowing scanning, indexing and a power desktop and web Based Enquiry applications.

Online Information Management

BSL has developed online WEB based packages for information management. These are:
WITS - Warehouse Inventory Tracking System
RAS - Referral & Approval System for Cheques
TSS - Technical Support System
Dedicated to excellence...
Business System Limited received a Certificate of Achievement from Unisys Payment Systems and was awarded the "Premier Payment Systems Channel Partner" title from Unisys in 2001 - "A mark of 20 years of success".

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