Software Packages

BSL have a rich library of packages which are used as a basis for providing customised solution if necessary.

Currency and Travellers Cheques Application
An application specifically designed for capturing and processing Travellers Cheques. It is primarily used by international operations of a bank.
Cheque Image Processing for low volume transactions
A very cost effective cheque processing system specifically designed for a low volume non-encoding cheque processing environment. The package offers inline correction from an image.
Document Management System
doc-i is an electronic Document Filing System which allows access to a set of versatile features to manage and share captured documents.
Remittance and Payment Inquiry Database
RAPID is designed especially for fast inquiry of remittance and cheque data. It is a powerful data and image retrieval package which allows up to 15 Million transactions online. The new enquiry written in ASP allows for up to 15M transactions using a propriety self contained database.
Referral and Approval System
RAS allows managing the Cheque Referral and Approval process.
Total Remittance Input Methods
A very powerful multi-company lockbox Remittance Processing System for capturing postal remittances. Image flow processing methods, Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR) and integration of correspondence scanning are among the most prominent features of the package. It conforms to the UK banking standards for providing pre-encoded cheques and reports.
Non-Encoding Solution
With recent changes in the banking requirements, a modified version of TRIM package provides Non-Encoding solution for Remittance and Cheque processing requirements. This eliminates the need to re-pass the Cheques through the track second time as in normal two pass operation.
Technical Support System
TSS provides efficient technical support to our clients. TSS tracks support cases logged for customers and allows online access to support staff and customers based on their login privileges. TSS also maintains a knowledge base for customer care and resolutions.
Warehouse Inventory and Tracking System
WITS allows controlling and monitoring Warehouse inventory using Handheld for fast identification of items.
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